EMC offers a variety of manufacturing services

Engineered Metals and Composites prides ourselves in being a full service manufacturing facility. From first designs to final rigging, we can assist with any or all aspects of your project. Services that we provide to our OEM customers are listed below. 

  • Fabrication
  • CNC bending
  • CNC machining
  • Welding (TIG, MIG)
  • Engineering 
  • New Project Prototype
  • Powder Coating
  • Rigging

Please see our Gallery page to view some of our custom products

CNC Bending Capabilities

CNC bending allows for the mass production within a specified tolerance. We have capabilities to bend all sizes of round pipe, oval, and Large D shaped material. This is one of 4 CNC bending machines currently being utilized at EMC.

Powder Coating

Engineered Metals and Composites takes pride in the finish of our product. We offer a full service powder coat operation that services our fabricated products, as well as other manufacturers needing powder coat service.


EM&C offers a full rigging facility for our customers. We have the capabilities of providing fiberglass, tempered glass windshields, actrylic windshields, wiring and electronics.