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We service a variety of different customers in the marine industry. We take pride in being able to offer as much or as little support as necessary during the development and production implementation process. Many of our customers know exactly what they want, provide CAD files, and we take it from there. Others come to us with an idea, a console, and fiberglass and let us do the design work. Either way we stand ready to support all of our OEM customers.


One of the factors that has greatly contributed to our success over the years is our ability to assist our OEM customers with their new project engineering needs. From intitial design to strength and stability testing, we can provide as much or as little engineering support to our customers.

Engineering plays a vital role within our production process. EM&C has invested heavily into CNC driven machinery in our cut and bend department, as well as in our machine shop. By working closely with our OEM customers, we can greatly increase efficiencies and quality from a production standpoint through our engineering department.

New Project Prototype

Whether utilizing CAD designs provided from our OEM customers, or building off of a fiberglass console, all of our parts start off in our New Project Prototype department. Our prototype team members are experienced in all aspects of fabrication and welding.

They will focus on building the first article to CAD specs or in some cases, they design and build first articles just using consoles. In the second case, the frame is built and then CAD modeled afterwards.

Once the first articles are completed and approved by the customer, production fixtures, tooling, and samples are made and issued to their prespective production departments. As the part begins its production debut, the Prototype team will work through the first production parts to ensure proper fixtures, tooling, and notes have been documented for a smooth final transition into production.

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Production  Manufacturing

One of the many success factors at Engineered Metals and Composites is our ability to batch build our products. We strive to consider every aspect of production manufacturing when we transition a part to production. Our goal is to ensure each department has the tooling and resources to manufacture that part on a high volume, day in and day out with minimal variation.

Production Departments

PreFab (Cut and Bend)
Powder Coat
Rigging (If applicable)

Pre Fabrication

Pre Fabrication is critical to EM&C’s ability to batch build while maintaining minimal variation in parts. Each part is manufactured to a sample, or fixture to ensure accuracy.

Machinery Utilized

4- CNC Bending Machines
CNC Tube Laser
Multiple Hydraulic Bend Tables
Cut To Length Saw
Multiple Miter Saws
Multiple Band Saws


Our machining department is where the finer details that matter the most come into play. This team is responsible for putting in every tapped hole, wire run slot, drain holes, and mounting holes as requested by our OEM customers. 

They use layover templates, shadow boards, and precise measuring tools to ensure each and every part is drilled, tapped, cut to precise specs. All of their slots and holes are then deburred to ensure a smooth finish preventing potential damage to wires and components for our OEM customers. 

Each part that goes through our machining area is inspected prior to moving to the next department for hole and slot accuracy as well as overall part fitment when checked against fixtures.


Our team of skilled welders utilize the very best when it comes to machinery and consumables. They assemble the pre cut and bent, machined parts into fixtures to ensure accurate fit up. Once these parts are assembled, they are passed down the assembly line to the finish welders. This welder is responsible for the structure and cosmetics of the weld. They are also responsible for ensuring that the part fits properly and is ready to move down the line.

Our welding department is powered by a combination of Miller Syncrowave 350 TIG machines, and Miller Dynasty 400 machines.

Powder Coat

Powder Coat begins the moment a part is completed in weld. Parts are quality checked for gouges, and sanded and prepped according to customer spec. Once that process is completed, the parts get racked up and make their way into one of our 2 chemical pre treat wash booths. From that point they make their way to one of our 2 ovens to dry.

Once the parts are dry. They travel to the powder coat booth. We have a booth specifically for black parts and one for all of our other lighter colors to prevent cross contamination. One of our experienced powder coat technicians apply the powder to the specified thickness and give the part a final check over before placing it in one of our 2 ovens for final cure.

Once the part is fully cured, it comes out of the oven to cool, and gets a final quality check from our Quality Assurance department.

Rigging Department

One of the services that we offer to our OEM Customers is a fully rigged component that is delivered ready to install on their boats. We can provide all components including fiberglass, wiring harnesses, lights, switches, etc.

Our team of skilled riggers can installed Tempered Glass and/or acrylic windshields, ensuring perfect fitment and adhesion that will last the life of the boat.

All of our rigged components go through a cleaning process, and a vigirous final quality check, testing all of the components and checking for any visual defects that may arise. Our OEM customers can rest assured that our rigged components will arive ready to install, reducing their production times and freeing up labor to be used elsewhere in their manufacturing process.

Shipping Department

Manufacturing over 11,000 parts per year, shipping is a critical part of our business. We offer delivery on every part that we manufacture. We can facilitate transportation on one of our delivery trucks if needed. Our skilled team of logistics associates will deliver your product and assist in the unloading process.

We can also facilitate delivery through one of our dedicated contract haulers who are highly knowledgeable of our products, customers, and the strapping requirements to ensure a safe, efficient delivery.

For those smaller parts, or LTL requirements, we can facilitate those shipments as well, offering another service that requires minimal involvemnt from our OEM customers.

CNC Machine Shop

Our CNC machine shop is vital to our manufacturing operation. One of the aspects that make us the best in the industry is the ability to manufacture our own machined aluminum parts in house.

With vertical mills, turning centers, lasers and routers at our disposal, our OEM customers can rest assured that we can manufacture parts to their custom specifications.

The capability to design and run these pads in house greatly decreases our new product lead time, and eliminates the concern with vendors constantly changing lead times on outsourced machined parts.


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